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Dave Karaskas Racing was founded in 1974 as a team involved in race car preparation and to enable me to indulge in my childhood dream of being a racing driver. I've come a long way since then and have competed in a vast array of cars and have won a number of Championships along the way.

For the last 25 years my cars have been prepared by FISA Racing, run by team owner Pete Furber. He is my team manager and chief mechanic. We have a very good working relationship which has certainly produced much success in every formula we have been involved with.

Having won the BRSCC Formula 3 class 'B' Championship in 2008, 2009 and 2010. We now have a newer Dallara F300 which we are racing in class 'A' of the exciting new MSV F3 Cup.

We currently have the ability to run an extra car. So if you would be interested in running in club level Formula 3, please get in touch through the contact me page, it's cheaper than you might expect.

Over the years, I've gained a lot of experience and knowledge about racing.

I would like to pass that expertise on to people who want to improve their driving or experience the thrill of driving the latest supercars.

I am an ARDS Licensed Racing Instructor and currently work at Drive Silverstone and 6th Gear Experiences I am always happy to discuss the opportunities racing affords for commercial partnerships with the advertising and promotional possibilities that racing sponsorship can offer your business.

As the current BRSCC Class'B' Formula 3 Champion, having successfully defended the title I won in 2008, I'm well placed to advise you on the best sponsorship options.


Car for Sale

Dallara F393/4 F3 Class 'B' Championship winning car

I have owned this car since 2001. It has been professionally prepared and run by FISA Racing since then. It was stored unraced between 2002 and 2006. It has scored 25 class wins in the last three years, winning BRSCC F3 class 'B' Championship / Series in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Having scored a 100% finish record in that time, proving it's reliability and standard of preparation.

The engine is a Mugen Honda running on a 26mm restrictor and Motec engine management. Always rebuilt by x-Tec Engineering. Last rebuild was mid season, so engine will run for the whole of 2011 before rebuild is scheduled. The gearbox underwent an extensive rebuild by Mark Bailey Racing at the start of last season.

The car comes with an extensive spares package, which includes front and rear wings. A spare nose cone (in Colour) Nose box and spare body panels. Spare floor. 12 wheels with slicks and wets fitted. Two Mugen ECU's. Spare ratios. Spare block and head.

This car is sure to be a class 'B' front runner in the F3 Cup series. We can provide technical backup. 94 Dallara manual is included with set up sheets. If wanted FISA Racing would be happy to discuss running the car for you.

Contact: Dave Karaskas
Location: Epping
Number: 01992 573262
Price: 14,500 ONO

Car for Sale

Dallara F306

F3 Class 'B' Championship winning car

Car was EuroF3 Open 2nd classified on 2010,overall winner at Spa Francorchamps race, car has been always maintained regardless of cost, thousands spent every year to make the best F306 on the Euro F3 grid.

Chassis: F306 021

Engine: Toyota Piedrafita 2.0 engine, 12 hours since rebuild at a cost of euros 14,000 euros.

Gearbox: Hewland FTR

Gear ratios included in package: 12/31, 13/27, 14/27, 14/26, 15/27, 15/26, 15/25, 16/26, 16/25, 16/24, 16/23, 18/25, 19/26, 18/24, 20/26, 19/24, 18/22, 21/25, 24/28, 22/25, 19/21, 18/19, 24/24, 25/26

3x set of O.Z. wheels

  • 1x complete front wing & nose assembly
  • 1x Nose cone
  • 2x front wing main plane
  • 1x Rear floor
  • 2x Airboxes
  • Several repaired body parts.
  • Many used tires.

    Contact: Dave Karaskas
    Location: Epping
    Number: 01992 573262
    Price: 39'000

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